How to Serve a Dinner Party

Be aware of the fact that a dinner party is a very tough experience for any caterer as it needs precision. It is similar to a less formal event as the dinner party usually follows a rigorous schedule and the timing is dependent on the food. Remember that a dinner party requires good knowledge and efficient coordination in order to be successful. On the other hand, the success of the event also depends upon the level of service offered at the dinner party. You should know your task and how to carry them out effectively as there are a lot of ways to serve a dinner party.


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    Plan the event

    Make sure you plan the dinner party accordingly. All caterers will tell you that each successful dinner party begins with a sound plan. A number of people make the event look effortless. However, they require sturdy preparation in order to serve the dinner party. Remember that the serving bit is very simple and probably the best part of the whole process. Moreover, setting the table right is quite important. The setting needs to be done before the people start coming for the party. You should address minor details. Use the right sized plates, flatware and vital condiments that are to be used on the table.

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    Table arrangements

    Get the table ready in good time. Put the first course on the table before guests are called out for dinner. This will allow them to come and start eating without wasting any time. Make sure you do not seem like a hungry person and be aware of your surroundings as they will be noticing your every move. After that first course clear the table. Start every new course of the dinner by clearing the table for more room. Remove dishes from the previous course and provide new silverware that will be needed with the new course like clean knives. This is done so that guests are not forced to use knives from the first course meal.

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    Make sure the kitchen noises are kept minimal

    Try to ask the kitchen staff to stay as quiet as they can. The caterer’s job is to get the food ready and served with minimum intrusion during the dinner. As a result of this, go to the kitchen quietly and return so people do not notice you were gone.

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