National Zipper Day Overview

Zipper day is an annual day celebrated as a tribute to the great invention of zipper in 1913. Though this gadget is not very old but still it has become a very important accessory and it just swept away the buttons and hooks and other types of fasteners. If we look around ourselves, whether it is a bag, jean or a jacket it is incomplete without it. In our routine life there are a lot of things we use those have zippers to fasten them up and sometimes just for beauty. From the suitcases to our clothing, zipper is a must. Thus we owe a compliment to its inventor at least once a year and the Zipper day gives us that opportunity.


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    History of Zipper Day

    The journey of zipper started in 1851 when Elias Howe, the inventor of sewing machine, has introduced the concept of Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure. Then Whitcomb Judson in 1893 did some further work on it and launched the Clasp Locker. Finally in 1913 Gideon Sundb├Ąck got the credit for the modern day shape and design of zipper, in the remembrance of which the Zipper Day is celebrated on April 29th every year.

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    Importance of Zipper Day

    This hookless fastener has simplified our lives to a great extent and the covers of different useable items, clothing, luggage bags, tents, shoes and other countless articles have zippers to open and close the covers with quite an ease. Earlier the usage of zipper was limited to small bags and shoes only. A few decades back the popularity of this device just boosted up and more and more products were marketed having zippers. Today it is an essential part of most of the stuff we use. So we have an added responsibility to acknowledge the evolution of this important tool and this in return enhances the importance of Zippper Day.

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    Celebrating Zipper Day

    To be grateful to all the people who have been a part of the creation of zipper we should take an active part on Zipper Day. To make this day interesting, one can use more and more products with zippers like clothes, shoes, and bags. Also can get the broken and damaged zippers repaired on this day. Sharing the information with other folks by having get-together can also be a part of admiration to this great invention.

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