Easter Monday Holiday Overview

Right after the Easter Day or the Easter Sunday there is Easter Monday which is also supposed to be a holiday in a number of Christian cultures around the world. More simply, we can say that this is observed as the second day of Easter. It has religious significance but generally it is the occasion for a number of secular customs. In UK and Austria it is observed as a Public Holiday so the offices and Banks in particular remain closed. Besides, it is celebrated as a National Holiday in Egypt with Muslims and Egyptians participating equally in celebrations. However, in the United States the Easter Monday is observed quite informally although the schools in Texas and Maryland remain close from Good Friday to Easter Monday. Nevertheless, there are a number of celebrations associated with this day.


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    Day of Rest

    Being tired of Easter celebrations, Christians in many parts of the world celebrate Easter Monday as a day to have complete rest. This does not mean that they do not get out of the bed at all but unlike the preceding days there is comparatively less enthusiasm.

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    The sport of Egg Rolling

    This is a very interesting type of sport observed in some western countries like the U.S, U.K and Germany. Some hard boiled eggs are made to roll down the hill or any steep surface. The winner comes out to be the one whose egg travels farthest of all the others.

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    Besides Egg Rolling, there are some other very interesting games associated with Eastern Monday. In one game, some small sized wooden beer barrels are filled with ale and then used like a Rugby ball. It is a best of three competitions in which each team tries best to get each of the three barrels across the stream in their village by any way possible. The competition lasts for several hours and full of fun as well as adventure.

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