How to Make Bachelorette Party Invitations

Celebrating the last night of your friend’s freedom is an important thing to do. If you missed your chance then you will never be able to do that in your entire life, thus you should take necessary steps and plan a bachelorette party for your friend. The word celebration is used to the bachelorette party because people go crazy that night and often do the most unexpected things. In order to plan a bachelorette party, you should keep it to the closed ones who are single yet and do not invite anyone married.


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    Decide a time, date and place

    It is important that you should decide a time, date and place with your friend and plan everything accordingly. Nowadays, some people are more into going on a bachelorette vacation than partying just for a night.  Nevertheless, you should ask the bride about her availability and plan everything in that time frame. It is up to you if you want to arrange the party locally or out of the town but it is important that you do not push the bride against her will.

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    Decide colour theme for invitations

    After you have decided the time, date and place, you must list down different ideas which you have in mind for the bachelorette party invitations. For this, you must choose a reasonable colour theme for the invitations. Keeping in mind that it is a party for girls, you can choose easily from the shades of pink and red. You can also choose yellow colour if you want to but sticking to the red or pink is strongly recommended.

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    Make a saying

    You must make an attractive saying for the invitation cards. Make sure that it serves the purpose of invitation and excite the audience.

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    Buy supplies

    Keeping in mind that how many invitation cards you want to make, you should buy the necessary supplies accordingly. In order to make invitation cards you will need markers, cards, ribbons, glitter, stickers, envelopes and scissors.

  • 5

    Design cards

    Now is the time to use your creativity and design the cards as you planned. Do not use too much of everything on the card but try to maintain balance. After you have designed the invitations and pasted ribbons and glitter on them, you must check all the cards for any wrinkles.

  • 6

    Send invitations

    Now you should send invitations to others so they could attend the party.

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