How to Celebrate Titanic Struck The Iceberg

Days and events in the history are remembered through observances and celebrations. If we look at the history, almost every single day has an event or incident related with it. Talking about today, the 14th of April, there is one big incident associated with this day. For those who do not know, the 14th of April is observed as Titanic Struck the Iceberg Day. It is worth-mentioning here that the name of Titanic was not known to many before November 1997, until the cinemas of the world got struck by one of the biggest blockbusters in the history, the Titanic. The movie was directed by James Cameron who actually coupled the tragic incident of the shipwreck with some awesome romance. Hence, we can associate a few celebrations to commemorate this day and the heartbreaking incident behind it.


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    Telling the story

    Like there were many who did not have a clue about Titanic before watching the movie, there will still be many who may not have heard about the Titanic movie either. If your kids fall in much the same category, you can tell them the story behind Titanic which can prove to be something of great interest for them.

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    Watching the Movie

    However, if you're not a good narrator, then you can easily find CDs and DVDs of the Titanic movie in the market. This will let the young kids visualize the incident and at the same, they will be able to remember it.

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    Remembering the people on board

    It should be remembered that many people who were onboard the Titanic lost their lives as a result of the disastrous incident. One good thing to do as part of celebrations on this day is to remember those people. There can be a gathering or you can simply light a few candles somewhere in remembrance of people who lost their lives in this unfortunate incident.

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