Top 10 Games Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Kids are waiting for their special day to come so they get gifts, money and have fun. In order to make their birthday party more special, you can plan party games to entertain kids. Remember that kids love to celebrate their birthday parties and want to make it best. However, they want best games to be played on this day. There are many kids birthday party games to choose from which will make your child happy. Keep in mind that it is difficult to please kids in a party. You need to entertain them and get them involved in something to make them happy.


  • 1

    Musical chairs

    One of the most common games to be played in kids’ birthday parties is musical chairs. This game involves number of kids revolving around chairs arranged in a circle. When the music stops, all kids occupy chairs except one. That child is out from the game and one chair is further reduced.

  • 2

    Pass the parcel

    One of the traditional birthday games is pass the parcel. Any object usually a cushion is made parcel and children sit in a circle. When music stops, the child holding the parcel is penalised and out from the game.

  • 3

    Simon Says

    This game involves an adult who will be Simon. He will say different commands and all children needs to follow. The kid who fails to follow the command is out from the game.

  • 4


    This is a simple and interesting game with no limit on the number of players. Let the children dance and do whatever they want in a room and start the music. When music stops everyone needs to freeze. The kid who moves will be out.

  • 5

    Potato sack relay

    This is an outdoor game and you need to make two to three teams. You can place some markers or other kids on one side and let kids get into their potato sack and reach that place. They need to come back to their team after reaching the marker. After returning, the other set of kids will hop in and the team which return first wins.

  • 6

    Treasure hunt

    This is an interesting game which can be placed outdoors as well as indoors. You can hide some toys or clothes in your yard or room and tell the children to seek them. When the last toy is found, the game ends.

  • 7

    Egg and spoon race

    You need to get teaspoons and boiled eggs. Make the children stand in a line and let them hold an egg with a teaspoon. Place there other hand behind and then start the race.

  • 8

    Balloons bursting

    It is a simple game in which you let children pop the balloons by sitting on them or whatever means. Place goodies like sweets inside so when they burst, they receive it.

  • 9

    Bob the builder

    This game involves children making buildings with help of cans. Allot one minute and see who makes the tallest building.

  • 10

    Bowling for kids

    Get some empty plastic bottles and a heavy ball. Then let the children throw ball so it hits the bottles.

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