How to Plan a Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day is an American holiday and dates back to late 1800s. The holiday is celebrated in spirit by many and marks the end of summer and honours the workers. One of the many activities to do on a Labor Day weekend is to host a barbecue. The essence of this day is not just food as the entertainment, decorations, guests and the party spirit all make up Labor Day together. If you plan the party beforehand, you will be able to throw it successfully.

Things Required:

– Food
– Games
– Invitations


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    Labor Day brings with it a lot of parties and events. If you want to throw a party, book your guests beforehand by sending advance invitations. Ask the guests to inform about their presence so that you could decide on the food and the seating accordingly. The menu should be organised with a lot of consideration. Keep in mind that different people have different tastes and might have some allergies. You could also ask each guest to bring a starter so that there is variety. Try to call as many friends and family members as you can accommodate. Also, do not forget your guests to bring their kids so that they can also have a good time.

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    You could either host an all day barbecue or just a lunch. You need to decide about the arrangements accordingly. Consider your guest list and if they have enough time and stamina to be at the party for a whole day. You need to see the ages of the guests and also ask the guests about their other plans, if any. If majority of the guests are free the whole day, then you could arrange for an all day party. This will definitely allow you to relax and have a good time with your guests as the kids run around and enjoy the day.

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    The party needs to be fun so decide on some games that would keep the people entertained. There could be simple board games like scrabble and monopoly for the kids or outdoor games that could be played in the lawn. The elders could play chess or cards. Try to mix things up and have something for everyone to enjoy.

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    If the party is to go on throughout the day then the guests are bound to get hungry after every few hours. Besides the main barbecue, you need to give them snacks to munch on. Set up a separate buffet table in a corner which has finger food and snacks. There should also be drinks like cocktails and lemonades. The guests could just go to the table and help themselves to the snacks when they feel like. This makes the entire cookout easy to maintain as you do not have to individually serve everyone all the time.

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