How to Host a Holiday Open House

An open house is the perfect opportunity to mingle with friends in the holidays. As many people are busy, it gets difficult to attend formal parties with set timings. Open house gives guests the liberty to come and go according to what time suits them. If you are not a regular host, it can be intimidating to throw a party. The best part of open house is that you don’t have to worry about trivial things. It is simple and uncomplicated as the guests already know what to expect. You just need to do some decorations and an open house.


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    The first rule is to plan on time. Start planning early and set a date so that you can inform your guests on time. If you send out invitations weeks before, the guests will keep it in mind and take out time for your party. Instead of paper invitations, you could also email them. Such a party should be at least for 6 hours so that there is a lot of time for guests to come when they want. Do not get worried over the arrangements; keep them casual. The target should be to have an informal party where you can relax and chat with your friends and family. There should be music to bring out the festive mood. Use decorations that you already have. There is no need to spend on new ones.

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    Finger food is great for such a party as it requires fewer utensils. Prepare dishes that you can make ahead of time and that are easy to serve. You should choose simple appetizers, candies and cookies. A simple menu is easy to serve and doesn’t tire you. Some of your friends may have kids so the elders have to keep watch on them and attend to them all the time, this doesn’t let them enjoy the party. Try to keep the kids entertained by making a children's area. Keep some toys and games at one corner so that the kids stay busy in those things. Serve them some snacks as they love like nuggets, crisps etc.

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    Cleaning up is the most boring part of holding a party. Make it simple by being organised. Keep bins in accessible areas so that the guests don’t litter your house. Also, use paper plates and glasses to avoid washing. Cover your wooden tables with cloth so that there are no stains on it afterwards.

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