How to Make Valentine Button Covers

You can create different Valentine’s Day themed accessories that you can let your loved one wear on the day of expressing love and affection to others. Making Valentine button covers are one of the best ideas to go for, especially when you want them to be worn by your little ones. You can ask your child to help cover the buttons and then slide them in their shirt buttons, to give their dress the Valentine’s Day look. You can easily create the Valentine button covers by using some common craft supplies. So, surprise your loved ones by giving them Valentine shirt makeover in just a few minutes.


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    Select the felt with colours that complement with the colour of your child’s outfit. If you do not make the right choice of colours, then you may end up ruining the overall look of your child’s outfit. Therefore, choose the colour carefully. In the meantime, the felt should also be of good quality and thick enough to stay as covers for longer period of time.

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    Now, make a heart stencil out of paper. You can do it by using cookie cutter and trace a heart shape on the paper. You will now be able to take out the heart shape from the paper.  Use a fabric pen and trace the heart on the felt. Cut the stencilled area to take out the heart shaped felt. Make more heart shaped felt pieces, equal to the number of buttons on your child’s shirt.

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    You can now add decorations to the button covers. For that purpose, you can use miniature pom-poms and googly eyes to create faces on some of the buttons. Stick them on the felt using glue. You can use glitter, ribbons and sequins to decorate the other button covers. After you are done with decorating, put all the covers aside and allow the glue to dry. You can add different embellishments to create a style of your own. Make sure you add the embellishments with colours that slightly contrast with the colour of the felt.

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    Cut a small slit at the centre of each heart you created. It will be used just like a button hole. Help your child in putting on the shirt and make sure that it is completely buttoned. Now, slide all the Valentine button covers onto the buttons and your child’s outfit will now have a completely new look.

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