How to Buy a Father’s Day Gift for a Beatles Fan

The Beatles are music legends and were extremely influential over all musicians who followed under their footsteps. They are the rock n roll icons and made a mark in music history. There is a high probability that your parents love this band as well. In case your father is a big fan of the Beatles, you can buy gifts related to Beatles on this Father’s Day. Few of these Beatles related gifts are traditional while others are bit quirky. You can buy Beatles DVDs, CDs, records, mugs and many other things to surprise your dad and make him feel special.


  • 1

    Beatles tie

    You can get a Beatles tie for your dad on the Father’s Day. You can get it from large chain music stores. There is also a chance that you may find the Beatles tie from your local department store. In case you fail to find it from stores, internet is the best option. There will be many sites offering you Beatles tie and some even at discount. Some of these sites even have free home delivery service.

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    Beatles coffee mug

    Get a Beatles coffee mug for your dad. These mugs look great and are inexpensive Father’s Day gifts. Your dad might use if for drinking purposes or even place it on a shelf as a decoration piece. There are different kinds of Beatles mugs available in the market. Abbey Road coffee mug and Beatles Anthology coffee mug are most common.

  • 3

    Vinyl Record Player

    You can get a vinyl record player on the Father’s Day. It is possible that your father has Beatles record when he was young. By this, your dad will be transported to his younger days or at the Beatles time. You can also give your dad Beatles record with this gift. You can easily get these records from antique shops, used music stores or even at large chain music stores.

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    DVD of Beatles movie

    You can gift the Beatles movie to your father. It will be a good and inexpensive Father’s Day gift. The qualities of these Beatles movies have been improved as their audio and video aspects are much better now. Some of the popular Beatles movies are Hard Day’s Night and Magical Mystery Tour. You can easily find these movies from your local movie store.

  • 5

    Beatles t-shirts

    You can give your dad a Beatles t-shirt on the Father’s Day. You can get it easily from the internet.

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