How to Host a Trivia Night Fundraiser

Organising a trivia night is an excellent way to entertain the guests and test their knowledge. It is also a brilliant idea to raise funds for any non profitable organisation. In this type of event, people participate as teams, compete with each other and the winner gets a prize. However, the audience and participants give donations at the end of such events.

You must keep in mind that organising such an event is not easy as you will have to start well in advance and make all the arrangements before time. You should follow few simple directions to host a successful trivia night fund raiser.


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    Make a committee:

    You should start by making a committee to organise this event. You must know that you cannot be everywhere so ask your colleagues to join hands. You should confine yourself just to supervision.

    Divide all the team members in different groups and then assign a task to every group. You will have to use them for publicity of the event, making arrangements and getting the supplies. Give them complete information about the cause and the nature of event.

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    Select time, date and venue:

    Next thing you should do is to decide a suitable date, time and venue of this event. You must facilitate your guests while finalising everything. Make sure the venue is approachable and time of this function is suitable. You may conduct an in-house survey as it will give you an idea about the ideal date and time.

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    Invite guests:

    Inviting guests is another important step while planning and hosting a trivia night fundraiser. You should start by making a guest list. Though, you need people who can open their wallets without any second thought but you should also invite the commoners. Design invitation cards and dispatch them or you may notify them through a simple email or phone call.

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    Arrange all the items:

    Now, when you have planned everything, you should start making all the arrangements. Make a list of all needed supplies and then ask your team members to obtain all these things well in time.

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    Make a list of trivia questions:

    You should also create questions to be asked in trivia competition. Though, it is better to create new questions but you may get questionnaire from previous competitions and modify all the questions.

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    Finalise the arrangements:

    Make sure that you have prepared everything well before the time. You must be at the venue at least an hour before the actual time.

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