Rubber Eraser Day Overview

Every year people all over the world celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day on April 15 in order to acknowledge the great importance of eraser. However, some conflicts are discovered when the National Rubber Eraser Day is celebrated. Most of the sources point to 15 April as the National Rubber Eraser Day, but some proclaim it to be on the 13th of April. The formation of rubber eraser was no doubt a great contribution in the field of education as it takes care of our faux pas in educational documents and drawings. Rubber eraser is a huge industry now days and there are varieties of rubber erasers easily available in the market. You can find erasers in various shapes including, animals, flowers, plants, fruits, etc. This simple guide will help you get an overall idea about this interesting day.


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    Origin of National Rubber Eraser Day

    It was on April 15 in 1770 that a noted scientist Sir Joseph Priestley discovered a vegetable gum rubbery substance, known now as the eraser. Since then, April 15 is celebrated all over the globe as National Rubber Eraser Day in order to acknowledge the invention of eraser, thanks to Sir Joseph Priestley for the nice little plug that sits atop our pencils and does magical works.

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    Why we do not just call it an "Eraser Day"?

    You might be thinking why we do not call April 15 as an Eraser day? There are two main reasons behind it. First of all, the first erasers were basically made from rubber, an elastic polymeric substance. Secondly, erasers are formally called “rubbers" in Great Britain - the hometown of Joseph Priestley, who is the inventor of rubber eraser.

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    How to celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day

    Celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day is real fun. Learn how to celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day and enjoy!

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