Top 10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Birthday with your Friends

A birthday is an event every year which a person looks seemingly enjoys as it gives you the opportunity to join up with friends and have a decent celebration. It needs to be fun as this is the best day of the year for you. Everyone wants to enjoy this day and make it memorable. Everyone has their own way of celebrating as some want it to be a quiet affair while others like loud parties. Friends make this day more special and a lot of fun. Here are ten ways of celebrating your birthday with friends.


  • 1

    House Party

    The easiest way to spend time with friends is to host a party at your house. Decorate the room with balloons and streamers and make some delicious snacks. Invite your friends over, play games and take pictures.

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  • 2

    Social cause

    The greatest thing in life is the joy of giving. On your special day, share your blessings with the less privileged. Take your friends along to any community centre and distribute goody bags to the poor children.

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  • 3

    Amusement Park

    Bring out the child in you and take your friends to a theme park. Eat popcorn, drink soda and take all the rides you want. It will be a day well spent.

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    Everyone is busy nowadays. If your birthday is on a holiday, you could easily spend a whole day with your friends but if it’s a working day, dinner is a better idea. Go to a fine dining place and dress formally for your birthday.

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  • 5

    City Break

    Take a break from the everyday routine and plan a road trip with your friends. You might have to take a week off for this activity. It will be an exciting birthday at a new place. Explore the new city, eat good food and take pictures.

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  • 6

    Sky Diving

    Try something new and daring on your birthday. Convince all your friends to go for sky diving. The feeling is out of the world. You will be given some training and then taken on a helicopter from where you will jump down.

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  • 7


    Take out your bikini, some suntan lotion, a beach towel, picnic basket and hit the beach. Enjoy the sun with your friends, build sand castles, surf the waves and cut your cake on the beach.

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    It is a great way to escape city life and have some peace. Pack the camping gear and find a quiet beautiful sight to camp on. All your friends could barbeque together and spend the whole day in the great outdoors.

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  • 9

    Pool party

    Book a swimming pool and put on your best swimming costume. Jump in the pool together and splash some water at each other.

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  • 10


    Another good way to enjoy your birthday is to dance away with some party music in your favorite club.

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