How to Celebrate School Librarian Day

Today is 11th of April and there might be only a few people who are aware of this day’s importance. However, if you are a student and fond of spending some time in the school library, then for your information, it is School Librarian Day. If you think that you do not have much information about this day, you may like to ask the school librarian so as to give you some idea. However, it is also possible that the school librarian may also not be aware that this day has to do a lot with him or her. Somehow, like many other events, there are a few celebrations associated with this day which can be observed by the students in a school.


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    Decorating the Library

    There would hardly be any event that is celebrated without decorations. Since the School Librarian Day has a lot to do with the School Library, so you can go ahead and decorate the library in a fancy way. One good idea would be to write HAPPY SCHOOL LIBRARIAN DAY on the wall or the entrance of your school library using some artistic stuff.

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    Donating Books

    There could be a number of books in your school library but if you could just add a few more to the shelves, it will be something significant in terms of School Librarian Day celebrations. Try finding some good books in the market, making sure that they are not available in your library, and donate them to your school library.

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    Tribute to the Librarian

    Unlike teachers in a school, the librarian who works hard to take care of a number of books rarely gets any appreciation. Hence, it will be a good gesture if you show some appreciation and regard to your librarian by simply giving him/her a thank you card for all the hard work and dedication.

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