How to Organize a UFC Watch Party

Watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in itself is an extremely entertaining experience, but you can enjoy the martial-arts based competition even more if you watch it with a group of friends. You can throw a UFC watch party at your house to get your friends to come over and watch the competition together. Since it is going to be a party, there are certain preparations that need to be made. Fortunately, the arrangements required for a UFC watch party are pretty easy to make. If you make the preparations carefully, not overlooking or ignoring anything important, you are in for a great time.


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    The first thing that you need to do is to make a list of friends that you will be inviting over to your house to watch the UFC event. It is best to start making the list a few weeks before the event is scheduled, so that you have plenty of time to make additions and adjustments to the list.

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    After you have made the list of friends that you want to invite to a UFC watch party at your house, get down to sending them invitations. You can either opt for a formal mode of invitation, i.e. by sending them a card. However, if you are planning on inviting only really close friends, then a phone call would suffice. In case you opt for an invitation card, remember to clearly indicate the date and time at which you expect the guests to arrive at your house. Also make sure you indicate an RSVP date of one week before the party is scheduled so that you can make the arrangements for food accordingly. In case you are inviting your friends via phone, make sure you convey the date and time clearly. Request them to confirm whether they would be able to make it or not well in time.

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    Once the invitations have been sent, start planning the menu. Since it is a party, the guests will be expecting food and refreshments during the course of the event. Instead of opting to serve a proper meal, you can go for food such as pizza, chips, popcorns, etc. Not only would it prove cheaper to go for these food items, you will also be able to get rid of the responsibility of managing food. Do not forget to fill up your refrigerator with drinks.

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    Arrange the furniture in the sitting area, i.e. the place where you and your guests will gather to watch the UFC event. Remove the tables to free up more space and place oversized pillows around the room.

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    Make the UFC watch party a memorable one for your guests by giving them a souvenir such as a custom t-shirt with something like “I was at Zane’s” or something other gift.

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