How to Fold an Origami Easter Bunny

An origami Easter bunny is a creative way to present Easter gifts to your loved ones, especially kids. However, instead of spending money and buying Easter bunnies from the market, you can create your own homemade bunnies, which are sure to prove a hit with adults and children alike. These can also be personalised, unlike their store-bought counterparts.

An origami bunny is fairly easy to make, even if it is your first ever origami project. You can use either plain or  printed paper of your choice, in order to create your own homemade origami bunny. However, make sure you use paper that is a little stiff and/or hard, otherwise your bunny will not be able to hold its shape, and will collapse.

Things Required:

– Hard paper
– Paper cutter


  • 1

    Make a waterbomb base

    The first step in making origami is to make a waterbomb base. To make the waterbomb base, cut a rectangular piece of paper with dimensions of 8x4 inches. Place the paper on a flat working surface lengthwise and fold the top left corner over to the right side of the paper. Then, fold the bottom right corner over the left side to make another crease. Having done that, fold the right side down to make a crease that diagonally intersects the two creases you just made. Use this diagonal crease to fold the paper inwards.

  • 2

    Create the origami bunny’s body

    Flip your paper over and fold the right side of the paper so that it touches just below the base of the folded corners on the left side. Now, fold the paper in half downwards, so that the top layer of the triangle you made in the previous step folds down to make the head of the bunny.

  • 3

    Make the origami bunny’s ears

    The next step is to make the ears of your homemade origami Easter bunny. Fold the top corners of the bunny’s head you created - fold them little down and out to give them the shape of a rabbit’s ears.

  • 4

    Fold the origami bunny’s tail

    To make the tail of your origami bunny, fold down the top corner at the back end slightly, to create a small triangle. Open the paper just enough to allow yourself to fold this triangle inward. Refold the project before you move on to make the legs of the bunny.

  • 5

    Make the origami bunny’s legs

    To make the legs of your Easter bunny, make a small triangle by slightly folding down the bottom left hand corner. Open the paper and collapse this fold inward to create two triangular legs. Similarly, fold the bottom layers on the right side to make the back legs of the bunny.

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