How to Create a Candy Cane Valentine

It is extremely easy to make good use of leftover candy canes. All you need to do is craft them into a treat for the kids and place them inside a Valentine’s greeting card. There is no cost attached to creating a candy Valentine and they can be given as a gift to your special ones. You could use ribbon to create hearts on the inside and the outside. If you want to create a candy cane Valentine then be patient and follow a few simple easy to follow guidelines.


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    Consider taking the extra candy canes from Christmas. Discard all that are broken or partially eaten to create a fresh candy cane Valentine. Sort through the sweet canes and create places of two relative canes since you want the pairs to be the same size and colours. You may decide to take them out or keep them in their plastic wrappers. The card receiver will not be able to eat them if you unwrap them.

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    The card can be created by folding a piece of red, light or orange 8-by-10-inch construction paper. If you do not want to use construction paper, consider using computer greeting card paper of an actual card stock. Create an eye-catching background theme on the top side of the cards using a doily, hand-drawn styles or images generated from the computer.

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    Now consider writing a Valentine’s message and add any styles or sketches you would like on the inside part. You can use an adhesive to glue one inside and write down your message on it if you did not use a doily.

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    Take two candy canes and centre them on the front of the greeting card. Position the guidelines at the end of the curved tops together and bring the end tips together to create heart shape. Using a pen or a pencil, make a mark so you will know where the canes are centred. Lift the candy canes up and using an adhesive, coat the back of them.

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    Put the candy canes back on the spot you had highlighted with a pen earlier but make sure all four tops are in contact. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Handle the candy canes with a lot of care so they do not crack.

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