Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls

Girls of all age groups just love to dress up uniquely on Halloween. With so many Halloween costumes ideas for girls, it can be challenging job for them to narrow the selection of costumes down to only one. For example, there are scary costumes, matching costume ideas, funky, cute and many more. The best thing you can do is, select a Halloween costume that is easy to carry and make you feel jam-packed of Halloween spirit.

This simple guide contains large number of Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls. So, choose your costume according to your age, personality and preference in mind.


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    Halloween costume ideas for infant girls

    If you have an infant girl between the ages of 1 to 12 months, try to dress her up in a cute Halloween costume. It is better to avoid scary costumes for this age of group as the other kids can be afraid of your cute girl. So, consider some fairy style, animal, insect, birds, plants, cartoon character, fruits, vegetables, and Princess costumes etc for your cute infant girl.

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    Halloween costume ideas for Toddler girls

    Toddler girls, between the ages of one and three, look cute and attractive in funky and colorful Halloween costumes. Therefore, select TV and Movie costumes, Princess Fairy, Flower, Cartoon Character, Pirates, Fruits and Vegetables costumes, Cute Witch and Cupcake costumes etc.

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    Halloween costume ideas for Preschooler girls

    Preschooler girls, between the ages of 4 to 5, prefer Halloween costumes that are mixture of trendy and scary look. So, the best possible costume ideas for preschooler girls include Cartoon characters, Princess Fairy, Clowns, Pirates, TV and Movies characters, Witches Vegetables, Fruits, Mermaid and Flower costumes etc.

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    Halloween costume ideas for School Aged girls

    Horror and bloodcurdling costumes are the main source of attraction and entertainment on Halloween. So the School Aged girls, between the ages of 6 to 9, are grown enough to consider some scary and creepy costumes for Halloween. Zombies, Scary Clowns, Devils, Witches, Ninja, Skeleton and space costumes etc are some of the best choices for a bloodcurdling look. Moreover, you can consider Cartoon Characters, Angels, Religious and Funky looking costumes too.

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    Halloween costume ideas for Pre-teen girls

    Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for the preteen-girls to dress up as scary and horrible as they can. The Hannah Montana Costumes, Gothic Fair costumes, Witch costumes, Vampire, Super Heroine, Skeleton, Bat and Rock Star costumes are wonderful choices for terrifying look. On the other hand, the Princess costumes, Angry Birds’ costumes, Butterfly costumes, Cowgirl costumes etc are good options for trendy look.

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    Halloween costume ideas for Teenage girls

    Teenage girls are mature enough to carry any type of intimidating and atrocious Halloween costumes. The Zombie costumes, Gothic Spider Princess, Wicked Witch, Gothic Bride, Super girl, Dragon, Old Women, Rocker Chick, Hot Dog and Black Widow costumes and the Ghostly Geisha costumes are unique but yet scary Halloween costume ideas for teenage girls.

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