How to Celebrate National Honesty Day

So here comes one day when you can be absolutely sure your sibling is not lying to you, your partner is not cheating on you and the colleague at work is not  making plans to stab on your back once you turn. The idea behind Honesty Day is quite noble, teaching us to value fairness in others and inculcate those values in ourselves. On the sarcastic side, it also makes us wonder why cant the day be celebrated all round the year. but for now let us stop wondering and grab the most of it while it lasts.

Although the main theme and essence of National Honesty Day is to promote the practice of honest dealings, countries across the globe have slightly different rituals for the day. In the states, honesty day is celebrated to applaud past presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who possessed the virtue of honesty. Kids are told about their deeds to inspire them into being someone like them. In Italy, Honesty day is celebrated in December and centers around customer manipulation by private companies.

Since the theme of the day is same in all countries, there are ways to celebrate the day which are common across the globe. Let’s see how can you make the day effective.


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    Stop show casing the fake you:

    for the world that you are not. Yes! it might hurt.Might hurt you and those around you but what exactly is the point in putting up a show for the sake of face saving. Be natural. It will take off a lot of burden from your head.True friends will always love the person that you really are.

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    Make promises you intend to keep:

    This day and for all other days to come, do not make promises in the air. Make a few promises but make it a point to fulfill them. This revitalizes our trust on each other and people will actually start counting on you which is a big big honor.

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    Stop those petty lies:

    Stop and ponder; you can easily go away with a little less lies without creating any mess for yourself. There is a long list of lies we could easily do without. So how about telling mum the pocket money you over spent on cosmetics and not books?

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    Give Honest Advices and Opinions:

    Why tell Kate her eyes are all smudgy when it gives you an opportunity to be the best looking girl at the party? Grow up. Tell people the truth. Spill out everything you have been keeping inside you. Help others with your advice and opinions. It is going to make you a much strong person internally.

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