How to Compete in Marching Band Competitions

Currently, there are a lot of marching bands in almost every corner of the world. People like to get the services of the bands at numerous occasions. But there is a lot of competition in the market.

To successfully develop and increase your goodwill, you have to earn some competitive advantages. You need to know how can you beat your rivals in business and what strategies are needed to win the competition.

We all face competition in personal, business and in personal relationships. And every time we want to go over the heads of all the competitors.


  • 1

    Assemble a crew based on people with great talents and skills and leave those people that are just a show piece in the band. Arrange practice sessions and try to learn new ways of entertaining the audience and judges of the competition on the internet.

  • 2

    Analyse the judges of the competition. Every person has a specific taste. Try to find out more about the judges like what they want and what things they like and dislike among bands.

  • 3

    Confidence is the key behind success. Try to remain confident and lead your team to next stage of the competition step by step despite facing known competitors.

  • 4

    Examine your competition but do not claim that you are class above the rest of the competitors. Try to know the fact that in fact you are doing the same thing. If you already see stronger competitor, convince opponents that you have little to oppose them.

  • 5

    Gather information about your competitors. Analyze the weakness of your competitors before taking part in the competition. Then select the shortest of them and appreciate the opportunity that you can go through. Remember that an open conflict depletes both sides, while avoiding direct conflict will save you time and effort.

  • 6

    Competition is subject to certain rules. Often the participants will also give themselves to neglect this set of rules, thereby making competition illegal. Try to live by the rules and warn your crew to strictly follow the rules.

  • 7

    Focus is another key behind winning the competition. Do not get carried away with the performance by your competitors. Think of a way to prove your stance and work hard behind every move.

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