How to Have a Purse Party

Did you ever think that you can clear your closet and make some money by selling old designer purses? If the answer is a “NO” then revise your thinking and brace yourself to throw a successful purse party. Do not worry as you won’t have to make any special arrangements.

All you need to do is to gather your stuff that you do not want in anymore, invite your friends or family members and sell or exchange your purses with them. Though, this is an easy way to satisfy the inner entrepreneur of fashion conscious people but still you will have to keep few important things in mind.


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    Invite your potential customers:

    First, you should make a list of friends and relatives who are fashion conscious and won’t hesitate before investing in a good designer purse. Remember, you should have at least 20 people in your list as your success depends purely on the turn out. Decide an appropriate day, time and date. Call them or send simply an email or message to invite them to your purse party.

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    Gather your items:

    You should gather the items you want to put on sale. You must know that having a purse party does not mean to display shabby, defective and old purses. Nobody will like to spend money in buying garbage so try to find bags that are in good condition. You can also do one trick to make some money and that is to shop for under-priced purses from a wholesale mart. However, make sure that nobody can guess where you got these bags from. Moreover, you can also ask your guests to bring the bags they want to sell. This will increase the number of items in your purse party.

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    Decorate your house:

    Now, when you have arranged everything, it’s time to prepare the place for a purse party. You won’t have to spend much. Just buy some fashion posters and magazines to give a look to your house. Having some background music is a good idea to create some ambiance for your purse party.

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    Display your purses:

    After making the arrangements, you should put your purses on display. For that, place some coffee tables in an order and then display your items on them. Make sure that you are pricing them wisely otherwise it will be a futile exercise.

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