How to Throw an Animal House Toga Party

Toga parties have been very popular among college students throughout the United States since the movie “Animal House” was released in 1978. Back then it had become a phenomenon with college students from different campuses. These “Animal House” toga parties are in style even today and throwing this type of bash once will get you hooked for more. Your friends will love an “Animal House” toga party to relieve some stress and just enjoy themselves. It is best that everyone dresses in a toga and if you are planning the party then keep a few simple techniques in mind.


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    The first thing is to plan how many people you will be inviting.

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    Once you have made a list of guests, you need to buy invitation cards having a Roman style. You might not be able to find these cards so you will probably have to place an order weeks before the event. A Roman scroll is a perfect invitation in which you need to clearly state that wearing togas is mandatory.

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    Planning your decorations is the next step. You need to keep in the mind the Greek period and set some ivy vines and greenery around the entrance. You will also need to make pillars which were the norm back in the day. Since erecting concrete pillars will be nearly impossible, you can glue two pieces of poster board together for this purpose which will make them appear just like the pillars during that period. After rolling them into a wide pipe shape, glue a white paper plate and paint vertical lines and place some fake grapes on them.

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    Now you need to prepare your toga as this is without a doubt the most important element of the party. You can prepare it by yourself without having to waste time and money buying it from somewhere. All you have to do is acquire almost four yards of cloth of any colour. Now wrap it around your waist a few times and then pin the rest of the cloth on either shoulder with the help of safety pins.

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    You now need to add some music and for that it would be a great idea to use the soundtrack from the "Animal House" movie.

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    According to the tradition of “Animal House,” you have to serve mashed potatoes but you can make your own list of what to serve your guests.

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    You can also opt to serve white wine and punch for the guests to drink.

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