How to Throw a Princess Birthday Party

It is every little girl’s dream to be a princess. This is obviously motivated by Disney movies that almost always have a distressed princess who is saved by Prince Charming. Considering that these are fantasy based wishes, they cannot entirely come true in reality.

However, there are ways in which a little girl can feel like a princess and be happy. One of the best times to make your little girl a princess is her birthday party. Throwing one with a princess theme is the perfect way. If you properly plan it out, it will be a birthday to remember.


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    Invite Friends

    Make sure that you have all the friends of your little princess over for the birthday. You will need to invite them in advance and make sure that they are coming. There should be a good number over to make the party a success.

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    Make sure that everyone is dressed in a royal manner. Since there will be only girls, they can all be dressed as little princesses. Ensure that your little one has a special dress for the occasion and feels special. The decor should also be based on the princess theme to give the whole affair an authentic look. As you will be a part of the birthday as well, try to dress in a similar manner yourself.

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    Have games for the event which engage all the participants. Give small gifts to the winners of each game as this will make the girls feel great and they will have a great time. Make sure to have several easy games so that everyone can participate and enjoy.

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    The Cake

    Have a cake that is based on a princess theme, ideally from one of the Disney movies. It should be big enough for all the guests. A multi-layered cake will be even better. Ensure that it is ordered in advance so that there are no last minute delays. Get it cut when all the guests have arrived and make sure that everyone gets a big piece.

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    A Movie

    You can also play a princess movie to entertain your little princess and her friends. This should be the perfect icing on the cake as your princess birthday party will have the perfect conclusion.

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