Moment of Laughter Day Overview

The cheapest and yet most expensive gift that you can give to someone is the gift of laughter. Imagine someone sad or gloomy bursts into laughter, or have lips punctuated with a smile just because of you. This would perhaps be nothing less than an achievement if you can make this happen. However, if you are of the view that there has to be a special moment for it then there won’t be any day better than 16th of April. If this sounds surprising, then for your information, 16th April is also observed as Moment of Laughter Day. Since there won’t be many aware of the day’s background, so it is important to have some good information about this day.


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    Origin of the Day

    According to history, Moment of Laughter Day was originated by a Humorologist named Izzy Gesell. As far as the exact day of this event is concerned, it is believed to somewhere in the mid of April. Besides, the reason for having this day in April is because it is the peak of spring season, which is known for filling the atmosphere with colors.

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    Purpose of Observance

    As the name implies, the purpose of observing moment of laughter day is bringing smile on your face and all others around you, considering that life has become busy these days and we hardly have any time to laugh. Observing Moment of Laughter Day conveys the message that “laughter is the best medicine" to many problems that we face in everyday life.

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    Celebrating Moment of Laughter Day

    It is all about the way you celebrate an event. Remember that the best celebration for this day is making others laugh or atleast bringing a smile on their faces. However, if you want some more information on celebration then visit How to Celebrate Moment of Laughter Day.

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