How to Celebrate Hug a Friend Day

When was the last time you did something special for your friend? If it has been ages then here is an opportunity to do something on Hug a Friend Day. 26th of April is celebrated each year to cherish the feelings of love and understanding among friends. This day allows you to openly express the care and love you possess for a friend. Even if there exist some conflicts, you can be the first one to relinquish the tussle by giving a hug to your friend on this day. Hug a friend day is rejoiced with enthusiasm and affection, especially among the youth. For those people who are in struggling phases of their lives, having piles of official work and other businesses, this day provides an excuse to let their old pals know that you still love and care for them. Think about the difference that a single hug would make to your friend’s day or even life, and go on to spend  this commendable day with your friends. You don’t have to think hard to do something special to celebrate Hug a Friend Day because here are some interesting ways to make your friend sublimely adorned on this day.


  • 1

    Give a Surprise Visit to your Friend

    If your friend is not in the same city which you live in, then you can astonish your friend on Hug a Friend Day by going to your friend’s place and hugging him. Do bring something for your friend which he likes the most. Your sudden visit will definitely surprise him, and a hug from you after a long time will make his day for sure.

  • 2

    Plan a lunch/Diner

    By planning an enjoyable lunch or dinner with your friend, you will be able to spend some fun time with him. Make sure you pick a good restaurant containing the type of food which your friend likes to have.

  • 3

    Buy Special Gifts

    Gifts are always gratifying, particularly if they are from someone you love. You can also express your love for your friend by buying him a pleasant gift. It might not necessarily be expensive but it should be something that your friend would like to have.

  • 4

    Throw a Party

    If you are a social bee and have lots of friends to hug on this day, then this is the best option for you. Plan an amusing party at your place or somewhere convenient and appropriate. Invite all your friends and enjoy the day by giving all of them hugs. Make sure everyone gets your attention so that nobody leaves complaining; otherwise the purpose of the day will be nullified.

  • 5

    Send ‘Hug a Friend day’ Greetings

    Don’t be disappointed if your best pal resides in some other country, or you are unable to visit him. You can still let your friend know about your concern and feelings. Celebrate the day by sending cute and lovely ‘Hug a friend day E-cards and greetings to your friend.

  • 6

    Order a Custom Cake

    It would be nice to order a custom cake with reference to Hug a Friend Day. You can invite your friend to your place, or visit him yourself and present him this cake.

  • 7

    Give a Big Hug to Your Friend

    Nevertheless, if you are unable to do anything distinctive for your friend then just make sure that you do give them a big hug! After all, it’s Hug a Friend Day and the only necessary condition which implies to the celebrations of the day is a hug to a friend.

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