How to Celebrate National Pecan Day

Throw a party for all your “nut-ty” ¬†friends and enjoy National Pecan Day on April 14! This super amazing day is a great excuse to make your favorite Pecan dishes and make it among the memorable days of your life. You can use these amazing dark brown nuts in many interesting and surprising ways, and you will be able to find some to suit your personal tastes. In addition to their delightful taste, Pecans are also beneficial to your health as a research shows that they have antioxidants to help reduce the threat of blood pressure, breast cancer, heart problems, and prostate health etc. Go through this article and learn how to celebrate National Pecan Day.


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    Wish your loved ones National Pecan Day

    Get up early in the morning on April 14 and wish all your friends, family members, and colleagues a very happy Pecan Day. Ask them about their preparations on this amazing day.

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    Plant a Pecan tree

    It is a good idea to plant a Pecan tree on April 14, as it is an amazing large shade tree to enhance the overall look of your garden or yard. In addition to that, the nuts of this wonderful tree attract a variety of birds as well as squirrels.

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    Cook your favorite Pecan recipes

    You can cook your favorite Pecan recipes on the National Pecan Day. You can make many dishes like glazed Pecans, Pecan cake with butter, Pecan cake with whiskey, Pecan rice, and Pecan cupcakes etc. If you are fond of cupcakes, then you can consider candied Pecan martini, chocolate Pecan martini, Pecan pie martini, and peach praline martini.

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    Throw a National Pecan Day party

    Organize a National Pecan Day party at your place. Invite your friends, family members, and colleagues and have fun with them. You can have interesting discussions on the benefits of Pecans, or you can enjoy Pecan dishes while sitting together and enjoying.

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    Involve your kids on the Pecan Day

    You can make healthy Pecan meals for your kids on this special day. Ask your kids about their favorite Pecan food items and throw a small party for them. Invite all their friends to not only spread awareness about the day, but also allow an excuse for them to have fun.

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    Send a Pecan Day card

    Sending a Pecan Day card is another interesting way to celebrate this great national day. You can purchase a Pecan Day card from your nearest stationery shop. However, it is better to make it at home, as handmade cards are cost effective and show your love for others. What you have to do is, take a simple chart paper, cut a piece out of it, and fold it into a card shape. Now, cut it from the outer end with a zigzag scissor. Grab a colorful glitter marker and decorate it according to the occasion and taste of the receiver. You can make a cute Pecan on it. Open the card and write some interesting facts about Pecans, including its health benefits.

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