How to Make Haunted House at Your Home

Making a haunted house on Halloween requires a lot of planning, creativity and hard work, but it is really pleasing activity and can be a real fun. The main aim of haunted house is to create a horrific environment to grab the attention of people. Same is the theme of Halloween. Therefore, a haunted house and Halloween makes perfect combination to entertain your guests. There is no need to make it an expensive project, therefore, take advantage of the recycled products to make your own Halloween decorations or locally made props. Follow the given below simple steps to make a top-rated haunted house at your house:


  • 1


    Take full size skeletons and dress them up with pair of pants. Set the skeletons on the toilet seats of your bathrooms with their pants lowered. If you cannot afford buying skeletons, then simply replace it with a handmade dummy and place it inside your bath tub. Now, pour some red ink or artificial blood on the edge of the tub and on the shower curtain to create scary look.

    Note: Make an artificial blood at home by mixing up the red food coloring and the clear corn syrup.

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    Cover up your kitchen with some artificial spider web or cob webs. Grab some white tennis balls and convert them into an eyeball by making big eyes on them. Set them aside to dry and then place inside the cups in your kitchen. Place a full-size dummy on your kitchen counter or chair to create a scene that your kitchen in under control of a mannequin.

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    Put a white bed sheet on the mattress of your bed and smooth it out, running both of your hands outward from the center of the mattress. Now, rest a scary dummy on the bed with artificial blood foot prints around it. Place few candles on the side tables of the bed to create the right Halloween ambiance. Repeat the same procedure with the other rooms of your house.

  • 4

    Entrance Hall

    The entrance hall of your house is the main area that gives the very first haunted house impression. Place a large coffin on the corner of your hall with a skeleton inside it. Place a small fog machine inside, releasing smoke. Cover the ceiling with pumpkin, skeleton or spider lights or roof hangers. Set a medium size projector in the entrance hall and play horror animations on it. Remove the curtains of the hall and cover the windows with thrift-store curtains. Add some cobwebs to the curtains and place some candles on both ends.

    Note: Place the candles at a distance from the curtains as they can catch fire due to air.

  • 5

    Entrance Door

    Cover up the entrance door of your house with Halloween door covers, easily available in the market at reasonable prices. Otherwise, set a big vase on either right or left side of the door and place some dry tree branches inside it. Now, add flock of bat cutouts swarm to the entrance door of your haunted house. Scatter some dry leaves around the vase.

  • 6

    Stairs of Main Door

    Now, dip your feet in red ink and leave bloody foot prints on the stairs of the entrance door of your house to create more terrifying environment. Use the remaining artificial blood for this purpose.

  • 7

    Set up a CD Player

    Scary music is the main part of your Halloween haunted house decorations. Set up a CD player that can blow up bloodcurdling Halloween sounds all over your haunted house.

  • 8

    Halloween’s Haunted House SURPRISE!

    Pick some medium size balloons and blow them up with some artificial blood. Tie them up from the opening and place them at the entrance. Now close the entrance door. You will love the sudden bizarre reaction of your guests with their feet on the blood filled balloons and then with the blood splashes all around.

  • 9

    Have fun!

    Your Haunted house is all set to rock your Halloween’s celebrations. Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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