Valentine’s Art Projects For Preschoolers

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and people everywhere are getting ready to celebrate it with their loved and special ones. There are many things that people can do on this special day like take their special someone out and have a good time, but for kids, that is not always the case.

Preschoolers are imaginative and ready to have fun, making Valentine’s Day for them a little more special because they get to bring home some really special art projects made in school and share with family members and friends. The competition amongst these youngsters is tough but they love having a good time and Valentine’s Day is a great way to allow that.


  • 1

    Heart Rubbings

    Heart rubbings are very simple and can be made by children of all ages. Not much material is required, and this is one of the most enjoyable projects on the list.

    Things Required:

    - Glue Gun
    - Poster Board
    - Paper
    - Crayons
    - Sand Paper

    Placing a thin paper over the trace hears and allowing children to fill them up with their crayons is the first step. Hearts will appear on the paper, magically for them, amazing them and adding to the overall fun. After this, cut out the hearts from sandpaper and tape it on there. Filling that space up with crayons will add to the bumpy look.

  • 2

    Candy Heart Collage

    This is a real simple one as it only requires you to cut out hearts from a poster board. Give the kids some glue to paint hearts on the poster board and fill it in with a bunch of candy hearts.

    Things Required:

    - Poster Board
    - Glue
    - Candy Hearts

  • 3

    Valentine’s Cards

    Parents just love the feeling of their children expressing how much they love them. A really simple idea is having the kids make Valentine’s Cards for their parents, friends or basically anyone!

    Things Required:

    - Paper
    - Crayons
    - Glitter or Candy Hearts

    Fold the paper into two and let the children draw hearts and whatever they like on their Valentine’s cards. Guide them on who they are making it for and suggest some ideas for writing sweet adorable things.

    Finally, add spots of glue and add on the glitter or even candy hearts.

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