How to See a Falcon Show in Germany

If you are fond of Falcon show, Castle Maus in Germany is probably the best place for you. For approximately 6 months every year, a falcon show is held at Castle Maus on a daily basis. Numerous tourists from around the world who love seeing flying falcons visit the castle and enjoy their time watching beautiful falcons flying in the open skies of Germany. If you are one of those people, you must know how you will get to Castle Maus once you are in Germany to see the falcon show.


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    Rhine River valley area is where you will need to travel in order to see the falcon show. It is located between two cities of the Germany, Rudesheim and Koblenz. Once you are in the Rhine River valley area, travel to Castle Maus, located at a hill above the Wellmich village. If you are travelling from Rudesheim, you will have to drive north on the east side of the Rhine River. However, if you are travelling from Koblenz, you will have to drive south on the Rhine River’s east to get to the village of Wellmich.

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    Upon reaching the village of Wellmich, park you vehicle in a parking lot. From here onwards, you will have to hike by foot until you reach Castle Maus. The path from Wellmich to Castle Maus is clear and is made out of gravel or dirt. Although the path is wide enough for travel vehicles such as cars, but you can traverse it on a vehicle unless you are an employee of the castle.

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    It should take around 20 minutes for you to reach the castle area. Once you are there, purchase an entry ticket which should cost you approximately $20 and wait for the show to start. Generally, the falcon show season starts from mid-March and ends beginning of October. However, the season may extend towards the end of October if the weather permits. Under normal circumstances, every day the show will start around 11am and either 2:30 or 3 pm.

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    Once the show starts, enjoy it as much as you possibly can. The show will be performed using various birds such as the falcon, eagle and at times, an owl. Each bird is trained to fly out over the Rhine River and then return to the falconer. You can even have a picture of yourself taken beside a particular bird.

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