How to March in a President\’s Day Parade

The 1968 law declares the third Monday in February as the commemoration of George Washington’s Birthday, but many states have dubbed it President’s Day. Every year, different parades take place in different parts of the United States, on President’s Day.

If you are planning to become a part of the march in your town’s President’s Day parade this year, you will have to follow some basic instructions, as you cannot join the parade anytime you want. In fact, you will have to go through a proper process to become a part of the march.


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    First of all, you need to find out the requirements for becoming a part of the parade, as different towns have different policies for allowing people to join the march, like some towns require people to be a part of the official organisation. Get information on any fees that may be required and the deadlines for registration. Follow the guidelines of the sponsoring organization.

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    Contact the members of the group you would like to accompany you in the parade. Ask the members who can be available for the parade. Since President's Day is not a holiday weekend during which most people travel, you should find a decent number of your group members who want to participate.

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    Plan a float or signs if you plan on walking. President's Day honours the birthdays of Washington and Abraham Lincoln and celebrates the service of all past US presidents. So, you should make sure that your group's theme must relate in some way to the holiday. Contemplate ways in which you would like to pay tribute to these men who have served the country.

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    Complete all forms and pay all fees. Get a confirmation of your group's participation, such as a receipt or assigned slot number. Parade organisers can get overwhelmed with work, particularly during crunch times, and you must ensure that your paperwork does not get lost.

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    Confirm participation with your colleagues and give them general advice on marching in any parade. Ask them to wear light-coloured clothing because it reflects light the best and keeps them cool. Tell them to drink plenty of water or sports drinks to keep hydrated. Make sure they know the physical requirements of marching in the President's Day parade.

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    Meet all participants within your group at your assigned spot 15 minutes prior to normal arrival time once the day arrives.

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