Graduation Party Menu Ideas

No matter if you are throwing a big graduation party or making arrangements for someone else, it is very important to design a delicious menu while keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your guests.

It is certainly difficult to satisfy everyone on the guest list so go for general food items that everyone loves. However, make sure that your food items are easy-to-make as the last thing you want is a mess or blunder.

Remember, it is not necessary to spend a significant amount of money rather you can throw a memorable party even on a tight budget.


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    Graduation cake:

    First and foremost is that you should ensure your menu has a graduation cake. If you are good at baking then surprise your guest with a home-baked cake otherwise you can get it from any bakery. However, you should order well before time if you want a customised cake. The graduation cake will be the centre of the party.

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    Pasta Salads:

    You must include salad in your menu. Pick different types of pastas and make cheap yet delicious salads with tuna, fresh vegetables, fruits, boiled eggs, chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, pepperoni etc. The best thing about these salads is that they are cost-effective and easy-to-make.

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    There is long list of appetisers that can please the taste buds of your guests and entice them to enjoy the main menu. To give you an example, stuffed hard boiled eggs and mushrooms is really good option to serve as appetiser. You just need to pick mushrooms, separate their caps and stems, grill the caps and fry the stems and then use mixture of stems and vegetables as filler for caps. However, it is better to create something new by using your imagination.

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    Hardly few can resist the temptation of a cheese-filled pizza. You can make it yourself in just 20-30 minutes. Just make the dough in advance and freeze. Take the dough out of freezer when you need it, put your favourite topping on and then simply bake it.

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    Barbecue is a valid option if you want to have more fun. Just marinate pieces of meat well before time and then cook them on a charcoal grill. Do not forget to offer different types of sauces.

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    Normally, your graduation cake or cupcakes is served as dessert but you can also offer ice cream, fruit pies etc.

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    Arrange lots of soda drinks, lemon or orange juices and serve them ice-cold.

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