How to Decorate a Patio for a Party

Decorating a patio for a party can be extremely difficult as you need to strictly adhere to the theme. The decorations need to be according to the type of party you are throwing so that the guests are at ease throughout the course of the event. You can use a colourful theme in decorating a patio and it should add to the view from the place. Warm lighting will add to the class of the event.

Things Required:

– Table linens
– Lamps
– Fabric chair covers
– Colourful candles
– Lanterns


  • 1

    Determine the type of party

    First of all, you need to determine the type of the party. There are different settings for a formal party and a casual one. You can go with colourful and funky decorations for a casual patio party whereas a formal one would require a classy setting.

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    Table linens

    Table linens are extremely important for the look of the party, even when it not being organised on a patio. You need to choose floral designs for the table in a formal gathering. This would make the event look even more elegant. On the other hand, use funky and cheerful designs for a casual gathering. You can use table cloths that are inspired by cartoon characters if it is a child’s birthday party at the patio.

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    You can use hurricane lamps in the patio as that would give a warm glow. This classier environment will support the formal look of your party.

    On the other hand, you must go for bright lamps in the patio if it is a casual function.

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    Fabric chair covers

    Fabric chair covers are also important for decorating a patio. You must go with bows around the chairs if the gathering is a formal one. However, bright and colourful chair covers are most effective if the gathering is a casual one.

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    Colourful atmosphere

    Make sure the overall atmosphere is soothing and the decoration goes with the theme of the party. Go with colourful candles and lanterns to set the patio alive. You can also use decorations such as vases and flowers.

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