Valentine Gifts Ideas for Soldiers

Soldiers are often deployed all around the world as they serve their country performing their duties. However, being away from family and friends for an extended amount of time can be a lonely experience for soldiers especially on special days like Valentines. Although in this day and age, many new technological advances with the internet allow families or loved ones to stay in constant touch with someone from their family that is currently serving in the armed services. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many couples and exchanging gifts is usually the norm. If your loved one is serving in the military and is stationed overseas there are many different Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can do if you are creative.


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    Decide on Homemade or Store Bought Gifts:

    First you should determine if you want to make something at home or just buy a gift from a store. Always remember that making something by hand at home shows a lot more feeling and care as you actually took the time out to make something.

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    Homemade Gifts:

    Nothing can be more special to a soldier than to get a homemade gift that you or your kids might have made at home. It shows how much you care as you have taken the time to make something instead of just going to a store and buying it. Items like homemade calendars, scrapbooks with family photos, handmade cards are fun and easy to make. These gifts are sure to bring a smile to any soldier out in the field.

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    Sweet Gifts:

    Everyone loves chocolate, cookies and cakes, especially soldiers that have been deployed to various parts of the world. If you are a decent baker and like to make cookies and cakes, then putting together sweet gifts for your loved one on Valentine’s Day is a great idea. There are many different containers that can be bought to keep your baked goods relatively fresh and easy to mail. Soldiers love getting these types of Valentine’s Day gifts as they can eat these sweet gifts while sitting on duty. Also, the time and effort required to bake these sweet items shows how much you care.

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    Everyday Items:

    Although some items might seem like no big deal, everyday type gifts like shaving cream, soap or other simple items can be just what a soldiers needs. Not all things are available for soldiers and just a simple everyday item can make the soldier feel like he or she is back home with their friends or family members. Put together a gift package with all of the everyday items that you feel he or she will need and send it on Valentine’s Day. Any soldier will love to get these items as they are always needed and used.

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