Top 10 Interesting Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

You must be waiting for special day of your loved ones to come so you can wish them. However, you should think of making his/her day special by wishing him in a different way. You should wish them differently in order to express how much you care. The celebrator will feel special with this. There are several ways will help you in order to wish others in a different way. This is because sending a simple post won’t be much effective. Remember that for every individual birthday is the most precious day of his life. Thus everyone wants it to be more memorable.


  • 1

    Each hour roses

    You can send different types of roses with birthday wishes on it. Send these roses after every hour to the special birthday celebrator so he will receive 24 roses at the end of each day. Remember to send it mysteriously so he will be curious in the end who sent them. Give the last rose by yourself and surprise the person.

  • 2

    Create a big custom card

    You can find any type of card from the market. However, you can make one by yourself and give it to the person. It will make him feel more special. Remember to make a big size card.

  • 3

    Surprise party

    You can plan a surprise birthday party for the special one. Planning some pranks will also make his day more special. You can skip wishing him in the night and give him a surprise. Call friends and family members to the party as well.

  • 4

    Sing a song for the person

    You can prepare and sing a song for the birthday celebrator. You can include his name in the song and wish him by singing.

  • 5

    Prepare a presentation

    You can make a presentation for the birthday boy or girl. You can make a slideshow of all beautiful memories and play on TV, laptop or a projector.

  • 6

    Make some sweet unknown plans

    People love surprises and you can set some sweet unknown plans for the special one. You can take him or her to a restaurant and let all the staff to wish him with a cake after few minutes. Remember to plan ahead of going that place.

  • 7

    Facebook gift

    You can send a Facebook gift to the celebrator. Spend some money there and send gift to the birthday boy or girl.

  • 8

    Unique wishes

    You should send a unique Facebook or any other media birthday message. Gather many pictures and make a photo collage. Send it with the post and this will make him feel more special.

  • 9

    Wish the person at 12

    You can wish the person exactly at 12 as this time he is expecting wishes. You can even buy a cake and deliver it to the person’s house exactly at 12.

  • 10

    Know their needs

    In case the celebrator is close to you, you will know what is his likes or dislikes. You should know what he wants and gift it on his special day.

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