School Librarian Day Overview

Most of us are only usually familiar with the backgrounds of only those days which are observed or celebrated locally or internationally. For the information of those fond of reading books, 11th April is known as the School Librarian Day. The purpose of observing this day as students is to show respect to the teacher and ofcourse the school librarian. Hence, we should go on to celebrate this day by sending messages of appreciation to all those who have contributed so much in a school. The messages should especially thank the librarians who are mostly considered as a forgotten part of our school, despite the fact that they work equally hard as the other school staff does.


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    Origin of the Day

    There is not much information about the origin of this day and there is hardly any event described that accentuates the history behind School Librarian Day. Nevertheless, the day is rather warmly celebrated by the American Library Association. This is because they believe that like other staff members within a school; the librarians, assistants and other volunteers should be equally regarded.

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    Importance of School Librarian Day

    Within a school, there are a number of staff members but teachers are supposed to be important than all others. There is no doubt that the respect for teachers cannot be compared to anyone else’s, but other staff members like librarians also deserve importance and appreciation. Hence the purpose of observing the School Librarian Day is to appreciate librarians for all the hard work and dedication that they have been doing.

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    Celebrating School Librarian Day

    It must be noted that the School Librarian Day is certainly not a public holiday. There are just a few celebrations associated with this day. Kindly visit Step by Step How to Celebrate School Librarian Day for more information.

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