How to Celebrate Moment of Laughter Day

It has been quite long that your loved ones have not seen you laughing. If this really is the case then you should not be holding your laughter back as today is 16th of April which is also observed as Moment of Laughter Day. You may hardly have ever realized that all those who love you are sad when you are sad and they smile when you are happy. For this reason, if you think that you really care for those who care for you then atleast you can bring a smile on their faces. It is all up to you that how you do it but this will certainly turn an ordinary day into a special celebration. If you have made up your mind to celebrate the Moment of Laughter Day, then there can be many celebrations along.


  • 1

    Do something funny

    You may not be expected to do anything funny, but it should not be the same on this day. Try to do something that has some kind of fun involved. You can dress up in an unusual way or can give yourself a totally different make over. Remember that your purpose is to make others smile, but it should look natural instead of artificial.

  • 2

    Do something unexpected

    There is a possibility that your loved ones are waiting for you to make a decision on something but you are not making it happen for some reasons. It can be allowing your kids to go on a trip, accepting a marriage proposal or any decision that can bring joy for almost everyone in your family.

  • 3

    Put an end to the conflicts

    There is a possibility that you could possibly be having some kind of conflict with your friends, relatives or a close family member. Just keep in mind that relations never break no matter how forcefully you are keeping them tense. Hence, if there is anyone with whom you have had a conflict, just put an end to it once and for all. You will be surprised to see that tensions sustained over a long period of time getting wiped off in one moment.

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