How to Plan Games for a Stock-the-Bar Party

Whenever you are shifting to a new house, you will have to bear several expenses. If your house is bigger than the last time, you will receive more bills and expenses. Remember that there is a better way to fill up racks with wines. Simply plan a stock-the-bar party for guest and you will fill up your home bar without spending any bucks. However, even adults will get bored in a party if nothing is there to do. You are required to plan different games in order to entertain them.

Things Required:

– Schedule of games to play
– Board games


  • 1

    Drinking games

    You should start the party with drinking games. These are best types of games to start the party with. In case you are facing difficulty in choosing or deciding which type of these games to pick, then you need to visit your local novelty store. You can choose some alcohol-fuelled versions of different games like checkers and Tic Tac Toe.

  • 2

    Relate the games with themes

    You need to set the games according to the theme of the party if you have decided one. Remember that poker tables can be adjusted in both types of themes i.e. a Wild West party or a black tie casino night.

  • 3

    Plan traditional games related to the event

    Even if you are planning to have a stock-the-bar bridal shower, you should arrange traditional games for your guests to play with. You should plan classical games even if you have thrown a themed party. Let the guests play toilet paper wedding dress, Kiss and tell and a history quiz. Keep in mind that males are also invited in this party so you need to include both sexes in all these games.

  • 4

    Plan a schedule

    You need to make a schedule of all your games. Because of being the host, you might forget starting games. Thus you need to assign someone to start different games. However, first create a schedule for starting which games to play first and which follows.

  • 5

    Start games after sometime

    Wait for at least an hour before you can start all the games. By this most of the guests you have invited will arrive. Furthermore, these people will start feeling comfortable.

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