How to Celebrate Name Yourself Day

Have you ever felt that your name does not suit your personality and wished to change your name, if just for a day? Then April 9 is the day for you as it the national Name Yourself Day! This is a day when you all can have fun for 24 hours by giving yourself a name other than the one your parents gave you. The national Name Yourself Day provides an opportunity to get a little creative and come up with a catchy name that you always wished to be called with, other than the title you have had since your birth. However, many poor souls do not even know that they have a great opportunity to select a name of their choice. Therefore, if you were one of them, here are some steps to help you enjoy this amazing day and make it one of the memorable ones of your life.


  • 1

    Add the Name Yourself Day to your calendar

    Make sure to highlight the entire box surrounding April 9. Now, add Name Yourself Day to the calendar of everyone in your family. Email notices about this interesting day to your family members, friends, and colleagues. In addition to that, mention it on your blog or website. The key to enjoying the national Name Yourself Day is to broadcast it properly.

  • 2

    Make it official

    Make your new name official by posting a "cease and desist" order on your refrigerator’s door, or right out front where everyone in your house can see it clearly.

  • 3

    Organize a party

    Organize a party at your place and invite your friends and colleagues. Surprise them with your new name and ask them about theirs as well.

  • 4

    Pass the parcel and know your new name

    If you people have not decided your new name yet, then you can play “pass the parcel” in order to name yourself randomly. What you have to do is, take a medium and a white paper. Cut the paper into equal size pieces. Write different, unique and funky names that come to your mind, on those pieces. Fold the pieces and place them in a bowl. Now, select a music keeper in order to turn the music on and off. Start passing the bowl once the music-keeper plays the music and stop as the music keeper turns it off, when least expected. Now, ask the person holding the bowl to pick and unwrap a piece of paper in order to know about his or her name for the day. Continue the game until the last piece of paper is unwrapped.

  • 5

    Order a customize cake

    Order a special cake for this special day and ask the baker to top your favorite cake with your new name. It is the best idea to surprise your family and friends with your new name.

  • 6

    Customize a shirt

    Buy a plain shirt from your nearest garment store and write your new name on it with fabric paints. Wait until it dries thoroughly and wear it to let others know about your new name.

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