How to Have a Dairy Free Halloween

There are many festivals and special days that are celebrated in various cultures. These include family reunions and special events on these days. One of such events is Halloween that is celebrated in many countries particularly the US.

It is a day where there are many different costumes donned by people and lots of candy is given to the kids who actually are a part of a candy collection drive. If you are looking to avoid dairy products, for any reason on Halloween, you can very much do it without any trouble.


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    The Costumes

    Instead of paying attention to the candy, have your focus on the costumes and other related matters. You will have a fun filled Halloween where you will be wearing your favourite costumes and scaring others. You can also attend those special Halloween parties that are arranged by many people. You can also concentrate on giving away candy rather than consuming it to avoid dairy products altogether. Giving is a lot more fun than taking and you will surely understand it once you do it yourself.

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    Hard Candies

    A lot of people forget the hard candies are also a type of candy. Eat these on the Halloween if you want to avoid dairy products. This is an excellent replacement which comes in so many tastes. You can try those that have that sharp orange taste or the throat soothing mint ones. Pick your calling and you can have a lot of fun.

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    Dairy Free Chocolates

    With food allergies and other preferences taking centre stage, many food companies are taking the situation seriously and making sure that they cater to all kinds of categories of food eaters. The candy makers are also aware of those who want dairy free chocolates and other candies and there are many products that are available without any dairy products in them. You can get a list of these candies and eat these on Halloween instead of the regular ones. They will be a touch higher in price but your purpose will be well served.

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    Sleep it Away

    If none of the above solutions create any interest for you, simply sleep the day off. There is no need to get a costume as you can do just fine with your night time pajamas during the day. Set the air conditioning at a comfortable temperature and get that favourite comforter of yours and sleep like a baby.

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