How to Create a Christmas Card in Pagemaker

A Christmas card which you made yourself will definitely leave a better impression on your loved one, compared to what you give after buying from the market. You can use your own family pictures to add more meaning to your card, or expressing your attachment with your friends, by adding such memories to the card. If you have Pagemaker installed in your computer, then you can easily create a beautiful Christmas card in just few minutes. Meanwhile, if you do not know how to use Pagemaker, then you should get worried, as the process is really easy and you can master it in just few clicks.


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    Run the Pagemaker application by double clicking its icon on your desktop, or in the Start menu. Click the “Cards” button under the template menu, which you will see right after the application window opens. If the menu does not appear automatically, you can do it manually by selecting the "Plug-in Palettes" from the “Window” dropdown menu. Then, you will have to click the “"Show Scripts” option, and then “Templates”, to see the “Cards” section.

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    You will now see a list of different template cards available in front of you. From the list, select the card which you want to use for your card. Pagemaker offers a number of templates, in order to help its users to create the cards easily. When you select the card, the program may ask you to install the required fonts, if you do not have them installed in your computer.

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    Now select the picture which you want to be added to your card. For this purpose, you will have to first select the arrow tool, and then select “Place” from the “File” menu. Locate the image which you want and highlight it by clicking on it. Click “OK”.

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    At the bottom-left of the page, you will see Page 2 icon. Click the icon. Now, you will be able to edit the content of your card. Enter your greetings message and change the size and style of the font, by clicking the “T” button.

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    When you are finished with editing your card, click the “File” menu and select “Save As”. You can now give a location where you want your card to be saved. Click “Save” to save the file on your hard disk.

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