How to Host a Breakfast Party

Breakfast parties are becoming very popular and people are introducing new ways to hold such parties, to make their interactions with friends and family more fun and memorable. Breakfast parties are not restricted to certain groups or people, as adults and children both love to participate in these parties, and get their day off to a great start. Since a breakfast party is all about food, the duration of such parties is not long and they are typically held on weekly holidays. Another thing that makes breakfast parties special is that they are not formal like dinner parties or brunch.


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    Set the date and time

    Set the date and time for the breakfast party. Since a breakfast party cannot be held on working days, it is better to hold it on the weekend, or choose a holiday. If you want to have lots of time at the party, set the time a bit early in the morning. However, you can also start a bit late on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

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    Plan the menu

    Since breakfast parties primarily focus on food, it is very important for you to decide on a menu for the guests. Serving an ordinary breakfast to the guests will obviously not make a good impression, so you should come up with a menu that is unique and includes more than one variety of food. The menu for the breakfast party should be created well before you make the list of invitees and guests. You have a wide variety of food and meals at your disposal to include in the menu. Regardless of where you want to hold the party—indoors or outdoors—the menu should almost be the same. Some of the things that should add to your menu may include different types of beverages such as tea (black tea, green tea or lemon tea), espressos, coffees, chocolate milk, orange juice and water. As far as food items are concerned, you can do anything, including omelets, waffles, pancakes, hash browns, crepes, eggs, etc. Every breakfast party typically includes kids, so it is important to add kid-friendly items to the menu too.

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    Decide on a location

    Since breakfast parties are casual and thrown in an informal way unlike dinner parties, you should arrange yours at your home. If you cannot arrange it at your home, choose someone else’s home to make things look really homey and casual. When choosing a location for your party, make sure you keep in mind that you just need a casual place where you can invite guests over and throw a fun-filled breakfast party. You will also need to choose whether to hold it indoors or outdoors.

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    Make a list of guests and send out invitations

    Make a list of everyone you want to invite to your breakfast party. Once you have made the list, send out invitations to the guests in the form of emails, invitation cards, SMS and phone calls.

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