National Jelly Bean Day Overview

Many days in history are celebrated all over the world for some reason. One such day is the National Jelly Bean Day, which is observed on 22nd of April. This interesting day is actually celebrated in order to honor the common Jelly Bean sweet and the variety of flavors it has, including aniseed, strawberry, and chocolate. There would be hardly anyone who knows about the origin of Jelly Beans. However, it is believed that they have originated from Turkish Delights. As far as the National Jelly Bean Day is concerned, the story behind its origin is not clear. However, this simple article not only gives you detailed information about the National Jelly Bean Day but also gives some interesting ideas to enjoy it with your loved ones.


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    History and Origin

    If we look at the history of the National Jelly Bean Day, then there is not much given about the creator and the origin of the day. Besides, there are no congressional records or presidential proclamations for this day. If there had been any, then it would have been from President Ronald Reagan who used to have Jelly Beans to quit smoking. However, it is believed that back in 1860, jars full of tasty Jelly Beans were promoted to boost the morale of the US army troops fighting in the Civil War.

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    Purpose of Observance

    The main purpose to celebrate the National Jelly Bean Day is to have some time to enjoy few different varieties of jellybeans. These bean-shaped confectioneries are enjoyed throughout the year, particularly on events like Easter and Christmas. However, this day is specially meant to highlight importance of Jelly Beans on important occasions.

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    Celebrating National Jelly Bean Day

    Make sure to come up with some unique ideas in order to enjoy the National Jelly Bean Day . Now, get an idea how to Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day and have fun with your friends, family and colleagues.

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