How to Celebrate International Jugglers Day

Since today is the International Jugglers Day, so learning juggling can perhaps prove to be the best celebration for this day. To practice juggling, take two soft balls in your hands and start tossing them up such that their locations are interchanged every now and then. Keep on doing this till you are able to do it smoothly and with continuity. Once you are comfortable juggling two balls, add another one and start tossing them up in the same way. This will be something entertaining not only for you, but for someone watching you do it as well. It may require sometime to have a good grip, but practicing will always lead to perfection. Considering that 18th April is meant for Jugglers, so there can be some good celebrations associated with it.


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    Try Some Juggling

    You may not be a juggler but there is no harm in trying to be one on International Jugglers Day. It should be remembered that juggling appears to be quite easy while watching, but it requires some skill from your part to control the objects you are using while juggling.

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    Organize a contest between friends

    This can prove to be one interesting activity to celebrate International Jugglers Day. Therefore, if you are sitting somewhere in a group of friends and know what the day is meant for, then it will be fun to have a juggling contest. You can simply use fruits like oranges, apples, pears or whatever is available and organize an informal juggling contest. The winner should be rewarded with a prize.

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    Participate in a Juggling Competition

    If you are in a school, college or university then it will be fun to participate in a juggling competition. In order to do so, you can contact the sports in-charge of your institute who will organize the competition for you. The competitors participating should preferably be those with good hands on juggling.

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