How to Make Valentine Heart and Pearl Earrings

Making Valentine heart and pearl earrings is not as hard as some of us may think. Instead of buying earrings from an online store, consider making Valentine heart and pearl earrings by yourself. It is an excellent way to ensure your earrings are unique. The best part about making your own earrings is that you can display your taste and creativity by using pearls of a variety of colours and shapes on jewels. You can buy craft stones of different shapes and sizes from any online craft store.

Choose between man-made or cultured Valentine hearts and pearls. Pearls, hearts and beads of different shapes and sizes are affordable and you can buy them a week before you plan to make your Valentine heart and pearl earrings. Pearls come in a variety of shapes and you should choose the ones that are attractive and unique. Round pearls are used to give classy looks. For added enhancement, consider using carved pearls. Making Valentine heart and pearl earrings is not difficult as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.


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    Consider using chain nose pliers to straighten the angle ends of the hoops. By doing this, you can easily thread the pearls and hearts. The opposite ends of the wire should contain loops so you can position the angled ends of the wire when finished.

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    Select the hearts and pearls you want to use on each earring. Consider making two piles. One pile will be used for the right earring and the other for the left earring. However, you need to make sure that the hearts and pearls are smooth. For using hearts and pearls with pre-drilled holes, consider choosing those with the same hole size. This will ensure they hang uniformly on the wires.

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    Now consider threading the hearts and pearls onto the thread in any order you like. If you have a particular design in your mind, make sure you do the same for both earrings. Once you have passed the pearl and hearts through the wire, it is time to restore the wire’s original position of a 45 degree angle. Use chain nose pliers to achieve that.

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    It is recommended to feel the tips of the 45 degree angle wires to make sure they are round and uniform throughout. Using an emery board will help you thread the wires through the ears with ease and comfort.

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