How to Celebrate Rubber Eraser Day

Happy Rubber Eraser Day! Every year we celebrate the Rubber Eraser Day on April 15 in order to acknowledge the invention of rubber eraser by a well-known British scientist Joseph Priestley in 1770. Celebrating this unique day is fun and majority people all over the globe love to celebrate this event gloriously. The little plug at the top of our pencils can do wonders in the field of education, especially to wipe out your mistakes and make a fresh start. Go through this simple article and Celebrate National Rubber Eraser Day with your loved ones in order to make them smile on this beautiful day.


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    Wish your loved ones a “Happy Rubber Eraser Day”

    Make sure to wish all your loved ones, especially your kids, in order to create awareness about this beautiful day.

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    Tell a story behind National Rubber Eraser Day

    Ask all the children in your house for a get-together and tell them the story behind the invention of rubber eraser and the great contribution of Joseph Priestley. In addition to that, you can advise them to use erasers with care as it allows us to rub out our goof-ups and mistakes in order to get a chance to make a new start.

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    Make a Rubber Eraser Day Card

    Making a Rubber Eraser Day Card on April 15 is a great fun and easy project for your entire family. Take a cart paper and cut it into a card shape. Cut it from the end with a zigzag scissor. Now, decorate it with colorful markers or glitter pens. You can paste a pencil image on the card and make an outline with markers to highlight it. Write an interesting fact or quotation about rubber eraser on the inner side of the card.

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    Organize a Rubber Eraser Day Party

    You can organize a small Rubber Eraser Day party at your place in order to highlight the importance of eraser in your daily life.

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    Make your own Rubber Eraser

    Making your own rubber eraser on April 15 is a simple, fun, and cost effective activity. What you have to do is, take water in a container, and add mold rubber to it. Now, take same quantity of vinegar in another container. Gently pour the water-rubber mixture into the vinegar and bring it to boil, stirring constantly. Shape the mold rubber into any shape that you like and dunk it into cold water. Remove the eraser from water after few minutes, allow it to dry and enjoy!

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    Make a Rubber Eraser Day Cake

    You can bake your favorite cake on April 15 and give it an eraser shape in order to associate it with the National Rubber Eraser Day.

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