How to Host a Cuban Dinner Party

Cuba symbolises strong colours and informal dining that you can bring together for a Cuban Dinner Party. Create an atmosphere using the vegetable and flowers that decorate the mountains of Cuba as you serve a selection of the dishes from the area. Preparing is essential to have a stress-free time for both visitors and the host. Consider following some simple tips and techniques to help you host a Cuban dinner party.


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    The first step is to make an appropriate plan and decide where you want to host your Cuban dinner party. If you plan do it during the warmer months, then you can have your party outside on the terrace, patio or lawn. However, it is usually more appropriate that you host your Cuban dinner party indoors as your guest will definitely enjoy the comforts of home while they eat with family and friends.

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    Select the colour concept for your social gathering to catch the natural shades of Cuba. Colours such as silver, eggplant, stucco, olive, sage green and poppy signify the Cuban concept. Buy little invitation cards in those shades, hand write your message and add a rose or something similar. The true Cuban dinner party begins as soon as your guests receive the magical invitation cards along with flowers.

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    Place a metal scroll-work posture ornamented with flowers and plants at the entrance of the celebration. Buy, or lease, Ficus topiaries and beautify them with a string of little white lights. This will also help light up your front yard when the sun sets. Consider placing other ornaments around the house that represent the culture of Cuba.

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    Create little platforms with 3 - 5 seats to complete the Cuban look. Set up a long dinner platform and cover it with various colours like red, green or blue. Make sure that you have enough place settings according to the number of guests that you have invited to your Cuban dinner party.

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    Consider preparing ajicao, the national dish of Cuba, for the dinner party. Essentially, it is a thick soup with main ingredients of either beef or pork along with vegetables and nuts. Cuban sandwich, Croquetas and Ropa Vieja are other popular Cuban dishes you can make for your guests. Remember to keep your menu in accordance to foods that are found in Cuba.

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    Keep the ambiance warm and friendly as you play soft Cuban music in the background. Your guests are sure to enjoy this Cuban dinner party.

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