How to Make Christmas Curtains

Christmas is not just a festivity to celebrate, it brings lots of gifts for people of all ages. Decorating homes and work places on Christmas is something everyone enjoys. Turning your entire house red with decorative items, lights and Santa Clauses makes you really feel like celebrating the holy festival. Curtains are a vital part in a room’s decoration. The window curtains have to match the entire theme of the room to give a complete look. You can certainly purchase Christmas curtains from the market but making your own at home will certainly make you feel proud of your creative skills.


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    You need a line of action to proceed and that is why you have to outline a template by drawing a design. You can use wrapping papers, colouring books, clip art or Christmas cards for choosing some templates for your curtains.

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    You will need some parchment papers or freezer papers to begin the actual task. Cover the work surface with the paper, facing the shiny side upwards, and affix it with masking tape so it doesn’t move while you work. This will prevent the work surface to get stained and also makes it easier for the curtains to peel off afterwards.

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    Now place the curtains over the parchment paper and taut them by pulling at the edges. Secure the ends of the curtains with masking tape firmly.

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    Place your drawn design on the curtain and pin it up. Use a marker and draw around your template to trace out the design on the curtain. You can use the marker colour of your own choice. Let the paint dry completely before you proceed any further. You can remove the template from the curtain now.

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    Fill colours in the drawing you have made on the curtains, as you would have done in a colouring book. You can use any fabric paint you desire. Jacquard Textile Colour is one of the most popular and effective fabric paints available in the market or you can simply order it online too. Apply one coat of paint and let it dry completely before you apply the second coat.

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    You have to heat set the fabric paint to settle it permanently and you can use a hair dryer for this purpose.

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    Hang the curtains over the windows on the festive Christmas holiday and proudly show them to your friends.

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