How to Make Spooky Halloween Tree

Boo! What is Halloween without a spooky Halloween tree? Your Halloween’s celebrations and decorations literally remain incomplete without a spooky Halloween tree. It helps in setting a horrifying atmosphere and getting all your family members and guests in the fun spirit of Halloween. Making a spooky Halloween tree is not a really difficult task, but giving it a naturally creepy effect should be your main focus. Place your well decorated Halloween tree at the entrance door of your house for scary and nice welcome on Halloween

Follow the simple instructions given below and make a spooky Halloween tree with natural scary look:


  • 1

    Select your Halloween tree

    Arrange some newspapers on the floor and place the selected tree branch on it. You can use pruning from the backyard of your house or purchase it at your nearest florist shop.

  • 2

    Paint your Halloween tree

    Now, use a fine quality black spray paint to coat the tree branch. Make sure to wear gloves, mask and glasses to protect your face and other body parts from the chemical effects of the spray paint.

  • 3

    Let the painted tree dry

    Leave the painted tree branch for few minutes until it dries out completely.

  • 4

    Paint the pot or vase

    In the meantime, take a terra cotta planter pot or a simple vase and coat it with the same black spray paint. Set the painted vase or terra cotta planter aside at room temperature to dry thoroughly.

  • 5

    Place the tree in the vase or pot

    Set the painted tree branch right in the center of the vase or terra cotta planter, hold it tight with one hand and use the other hand for fill it up with some craft rocks or dark color marbles.

  • 6

    Decorate the branches of the tree

    Now, it is the time to decorate the branches of the Halloween tree. Tie various Halloween ornaments to the branches of the tree. These ornaments are easily available in the market. If you are good at fine arts, then make them at home. Tie the Halloween ornaments in the given below order:

    - First of all, tie some dry artificial leaves around the branches of your Halloween tree in order to give it a natural tree look.

    - Now, string some nicely wrapped ole-fashioned popcorn balls to your Halloween tree.

    - Tie some small hanging whirl bats, cats and witch hats in order to increase the overall horrifying look of the Halloween tree.

    - Hang two to three small skulls on the main branches of your Halloween tree.

    Note: You can make changes in the mentioned Halloween ornaments according to your choice.

  • 7

    Add lighting

    Fasten few small pumpkin and skeleton light on the branches of the tree for scarier look that is the main theme of Halloween. Additionally, you can add some twinkling lights to turn them on in the evening for colorful and horrifying gaze.

  • 8

    Wrap the tree with some cobwebs

    Wrap some artificial cobwebs all around the Halloween tree to give it the desired bloodcurdling finishing touch.

  • 9


    Your spooky tree is all set to rock your Halloween get-togethers or parties! Turn on the attached lights and set it in one corner of your house or in the main entrance. Enjoy some nice comments from your guests. Happy Halloween!

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