How to Keep Track of Anniversaries

Are you one of those people who keep forgetting anniversaries? Does your friend, wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend hate it when you fail to remember special days? If so, you need a few tips on how to remember these important dates. Anniversaries, at times, are extremely special for the other person, even if they are not that important for you. Simply find ways to remember these important days as you just might bring a smile to the face of your special someone, and eventually it will make you happy to see their faces blossom with joy.


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    The usual way to remember important dates is to set an alarm in your cell phone. Each and every phone, in the world of today, gives you the chance to set an alarm for a particular time on a particular date. If you want to make things even more special for the other person, set the alarm five minutes before the day starts at 12:00 midnight. This way you can wish that special someone exactly when the day starts. They will realise that you remember everything and do not take them for granted.

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    Marking dates on your calendar is also a great option. Back in the days when cell phones were not present, people would encircle important dates on their calendars. Make sure that the calendar you mark the date on is the one which you see every day. This will help you remember important dates and anniversaries, and you will be able to wish the other person on time.

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    If you keep a diary and write in it daily, this can be one of the best ways to remember birthdays. Daily diaries have specific pages for specific dates. If you write a dairy on a daily basis, you can simply encircle the date and its page so that when you are writing in your diary on that particular date, you remember the all-important anniversary.

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    Friends can help you out in remembering important dates as well. You might not be good enough at remembering special days and anniversaries, but there are a few people who are extremely vigilant when it comes to wishing others. These people can be found in almost all groups of friends. Find a person who you think remembers all these important dates and simply ask them to remind you of these special dates. That person will either text or call you right before the day starts, and you will be able to make that special someone really happy, making them believe that you remembered this special date.

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