How to Celebrate Garlic Day

If you are fond of tasty food with spices, then you cannot deny the contribution of garlic in providing that taste. For all those who cannot swallow a lump without garlic, April 19 is the National Garlic Day. It is an interesting day that is celebrated to give a big hand to this major constituent of every tasty edible that we have. It is worth mentioning here that garlic has many other health benefits as well. Hence, if you one among the garlic lovers, then you can celebrate April 19 in order to give some tribute to garlic. The best thing to do is, try a special dish containing garlic such as Garlic Linguine with Mushrooms etc. This simple article contains some simple but unique ideas to celebrate National Garlic Day.


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    Wish others

    No matter what day it is, celebrations always start up by wishing others. You can send cards and use your mobile phone or the social websites to wish your friends a very Happy Garlic Day. Make sure to send an interesting and a real funny message.

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    Party at your place

    Organizing a party at your place or somewhere else on this day will give you a chance to have fun with your family, colleagues, and friends. You can make or order some garlic enrich dishes at home. One good idea will be to have a one-dish party in which all the participants will bring something spicy and rich in garlic.

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    A unique Garlic Dish

    If you do not have good hands on cooking then given below is a recipe for a tasty garlic dish. Follow the steps and enjoy the tasty Garlic Linguine with Mushrooms with your family and friends.



    Black Pepper


    (450g or 1lb) Linguine

    (25g or 1oz) Butter

    (90ml or 3fl.oz.)Olive Oil

    4 thinly sliced Garlic Cloves

    (450g or1lb) sliced Mushrooms

    (2 tbsp) Parsley freshly chopped

    Boil Water

    Pour some water in a large sauce pan and place it on the stove to boil. Cook for about 8 to 10 minutes adding considerable amount of salt and the linguine in it.

    Garlic and Mushroom

    In a separate sauce pan, heat the oil and garlic along with mushrooms and sauté. Keep stirring from time to time till you see that the mixture is getting golden in colour.

    Parsley, Salt and Pepper

    To the mushroom mixture you prepared above now add some parsley, salt and pepper. Try to mix well such that no item is left uncooked.

    The Final Touch

    Before serving make sure that you have thoroughly drained the cooked pasta. Finally stir the oil and garlic mixture such that you see formation of a coating. After that immediately serve the dish.

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